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Dawn Ross

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Georgianna & Bruce Parkin

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Pederzini Family

 I'm so excited for you! I have so many wonderful memories of all the shows I did with Ja'Duke. What you bring to the community is so important and I can't thank you enough for what you've brought to my life too. Love you guys! 

                                         -Allison Furkey 

We are proud to sponsor such an outstanding organization. Kim and Nick have used their passion and creativity to make JCPA the amazing place that it is and we look forward to seeing their dream become reality. 

                 -The Argy's (Turners Falls Pizza House)

Ja’ Duke has played an important role in my daughters development both socially and emotionally. Ja’ Duke isn’t just a place she comes to dance it’s a second home and the time spent here is filled with loving and supportive memories. We can’t imagine our lives without Ja’ Duke.

                                                   -Kara Younger

We wish you all the best for all you have done and are doing for all these young people!

              -William & Brenda Stafford

Congratulations on the new theater! Ja’Duke has been a big part of our kids’ lives for the last ten years. We appreciate all you do! We are so happy for you!
                               -Dan, Kelly, & Amelie Gauthier                                              and Thaddeus Conner

Cameryn has been with Ja'Duke since she was 3 years old and it has been like a second home to her. We are so thankful for Ja'Duke! Looking forward to many years ahead with all of you!

                                             -Carner Family

It has been a pleasure being involved with Ja'Duke and the dance classes with my granddaughters. Such an awesome family run business. Looking forward with excitement to the new theater.

                                    -Joanie Vogt

Our daughters have been with Jaduke for 3 years and look forward to many more! Jaduke is amazing and our family is so blessed to be part of it!

                                                 -The Bache Family


Quote :"We love Jaduke because it's fun and has so many opportunities, we just love it" Jillian & Jaida                                                   

My family and I have been part of the Ja'Duke Center for the Performing Arts since 2013, and the journey has been incredible. Our two daughters have benefited in amazing ways, and they will take with them experience and skills that last a lifetime. 

JCPA students are expertly taught music, dance, and acting, whether you're clumsy or headed to Broadway. JCPA is also accepting of all kinds. Never mind your given abilities, you will sweat, have fun, and experience teamwork. You will perform onstage and make lifelong friends in the process. 

Our family is blessed to be able to give to worthwhile causes, but we are selective. Organizations that particularly touch our hearts or those that significantly impact people in a meaningful way, particularly with young people. JCPA fits the bill. 

Thank you for loving kids. Nicolette and I are excited about this new chapter in Ja'Duke's history, and we look forward to continued mentorship caring for kids in our community. 


                                                                                                -Christopher & Nicolette Blount

Congratulations and good luck on building a top entertainment center...

                          -Lenios Family

We love watching how Ja'Duke changes children's lives daily and appreciate their commitment to the kids. Looking forward to "seeing the world from their stage." 

                        -The Tidlund Family

                       (Stacey, Aaron, Ella, & Norah) 

Ja'Duke holds a special place in my heart. Performing on stage with some amazing friends over the past 6 years I found myself surrounded by such amazing and supportive community. With the building of their new theater, I am beyond excited to see what the future holds for Ja'Duke. It will bring their students and their performances to the next level.

                                                 -Dawn Ross

Our daughter has flourished at Ja'Duke. Her confidence and poise have increased exponentially. We love Ja'Duke and it's positivity!

                               -The Ebling Family

Our family is forever grateful for Ja'Duke. The excitement and joy my girls get from being part of such a wonderful Performing Arts Center and being in their shows is indescribable. I could not be more proud of who my girls have turned into as performers and all thanks to the Ja'Duke family! Looking forward to what's coming in the future!

                              -Carleigh Dlugosz, Lavish the Salon

We are so excited to witness this next phase of growth for JCPA. We wish you continued success and happiness throughout this process and can't wait to see what you have planned in the new theater. 

                             -Senflug & Dupont Family

We wish you much success with this venture! And we thank you for all you the happiness you have brought Peter over the years!! We are so happy to be a part of the Ja'Duke family. 

                              -The Frost Family

My daughter Kailyn loves Ms. Kim. She is so happy every time she gets to go to class and looks forward to all the shows! It is an honor for us to be able to be in the Ja'Duke family. 

                                -Arsenault Family

Ja'Duke has been a welcoming family for over 10 years, Jeff and Katie have aged out but they will always have skills, friends, and life lessons they learned at the studio. WE have participated in Ja'Duke shows at five different theaters and are thrilled to support this new permanent home. 

                                                -Suzanne Koch

Good Luck with the theater project - can't wait until we can see shows there!

                         -The Cole Family

I was in my first Ja'Duke show 10 years ago. I have made so many great friends and memories here. I couldn't imagine my life without Ja'Duke! Thank you for bringing the arts to all ages! I'm looking forward to many more years with Ja'Duke as well as performing in their new theater!

                                     -Samantha Myburgh

We are so excited! Congratulations and thank you for working so endlessly for the kids and our community! We love you guys️!

                          -Fortin/Nash Family


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